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IT PRO Corporate Choice 是由 IT PRO 編輯委員會在過去多年的探訪經驗、產品評估和觀察中所選出來的優質 IT 方案,被評審為 IT PRO Corporate  Choice 的企業方案必須具備高質量和性價比、高可用性和擴充性,並要符合環保原則,而廠商技術支援能力和速度也會被一併考慮。

『IT PRO Corporate Choice』- CIO Choice

2014年開始設立的CIO Choice獎項,是由香港知名CIO們組成一個獨立小組,從Corporate Choice 中選出一個擁有發展前景、技術開發、創新的解決方案(產品或服務) 。


IT PRO Corporate Choices are elected by the editorial board by means of examination, observation and analysis. Awarded products, solutions or services have to be outstanding in terms of its quality, availability, flexibility and environmentally friendliness. Furthermore, technical support capabilities as well as speed are also taken into consideration.

IT PRO Corpoate Choice – CIO Choice

CIO CHOICE is established award in 2014 aiming to recognize outstanding product/service with promising technology development, excellent business execution, innovation. Only one will be selected each year based on an independent group of renowned CIOs in Hong Kong.