CIO Judging Panel Insight

Mr. Henk ten Bos, Chief Information Officer, FTLife Insurance Company Limited

It is an exciting time to work in the IT industry. Many companies are trying to find ways to better engage with customers and to improve the customer experience in doing business. Effective use of technologies is key to achieve this objective and hence there are many opportunities to work on interesting and innovative projects.


Every company has to decide which technologies can help to achieve the objectives of the company and to remain competitive. If I were to pick one again this year, it would still be Data and Analytics. To provide customers with a meaningful personal service, companies have to gather data that is relevant to the customer, use analytics to turn this into meaningful information that can be used at point of sales and service. ‘Information is king’ and will enable companies to differentiate themselves in the market.


Be curious and try to learn and explore as much as possible. At the start of a career you should try and experience different technologies, companies and cultures. Based on this broad experience, try to identify something you really like and develop this into a career.


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